Thursday, 19 May 2016

Thank You HYA

This post goes out to Hayward Youth Academy and Christopher Major for supporting me in my education and pushing me forward.

HYA provides middle school youth and 1st generation college bound student an annual college tour. We build community relationships partnering with other not for profit; public benefit corporations, Rotarians, business interest, educators, community advocates, youth teams, grantors, colleges and universities.  

I met Christopher Major when I was 12 and he was checking up on some of his ongoing Rotarian projects. At one point in the conversation between my mama and him it came to the discussion of schools in Uganda as well as how students struggle to go to school if their families are not well off. Explaining how the people live here as well talking about how the culture is, he took an interest on the conditions and situations the youth face here to go to school. As one of the examples, my mama brought up my situation of how we struggled until we found Interhigh, she went on also to explain how different it is living in a multicultural household and the effect on the children when realizing most people outside do not have the chance to experience a wide spread education. Taking a shine on our household he started with supporting us making sure we have the chance to go even further, and soon enough HYA was involved in supporting both myself and my siblings. Thank Uncle Chris and HYA for everything and may you be blessed.   



  1. You are the future leader of Uganda. So very proud of you. God bless InterHigh School

  2. Just to add on the note, all the books Naomi is having for school and extra subject books are being used for the other 13 Kids as a Holiday revision school, so thank you HYA and Interhigh!!!!

    1. Sharing the Spirit. Paying it Forward. See you in July 2016

  3. Excited to visit the KingFisher Resort Uganda. See you in Jinja in July, 2016