Friday, 6 May 2016


There are many things that make me happy, like being surrounded by family and friends. When I am together with my loved ones it means creating new memories and remembering old ones. When we are all together it means music and dancing. Singing and dancing with everyone is fun especially when my brothers dress up as girls. My sisters and I usually are singing and dancing together when cooking or cleaning the house though we are all off pitch. Playing football with all my siblings and uncle is a good workout and a great way to laugh at how badly I play. Being surrounded by loved ones is something special, but having that special someone there as well makes it even more enjoyable. Being surrounded by the people I love cheers me up on a gloomy day. Laughing at the most ridicules things, remembering the fun times and just having fun are the moments I cherish the most. When I need a bit of alone time to process all the good feelings I write it all down. It makes me think clearer and reminds me how far I have come. Writing is one of my hobbies where I can say makes me feel happy and content at the same time. It’s rather easy for me to be happy, and the saying look at the good side really does help along with that. There are many good things in life just like there are bad things. Which side you want to look at the most is your decision. Cherishing the moments in life is one thing everyone can do. Every step you take in life is proof you are alive and life itself is something I believe that should be cherished and taken care of. I believe it’s not always about what you have that makes you happy but also what you give.                      

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  1. yes, you get a good focus on live if you cherish what you have, if you deal with the problems.