Friday, 29 April 2016

Love is Free

One major subject in life is religion. For me personally, I think every person has the right to make a decision on whether they want to have a religion or not, and if so then they do have the right to stand by their religion. In my household we have Catholic and Protestant Christians, as well as Muslims and Atheists. I know for a fact that people with different backgrounds and religions can live peacefully together. It's accepting that you have differences with others that makes everything easier. It is rather difficult when you don't understand certain actions or the way the other person thinks sometimes, but to look at the wall that separates you and to say i'm not going to let this stop from giving love or being friends with this person is one way to stay positive and love a person for who they are. Love is an international language and I don't think that race, religion, skin colour or different backgrounds should stop you from loving people.                 

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