Friday, 1 January 2016

Navigating system online? check

Hi, so as you can guess the title suggests I'm lost, who isn't in this world? I guess I will start with the basics, how are you? I hope you are doing well in navigating through the thing we call life and having a great start to the New Year. So I started this blog for several reasons. as a teeenager we tend do go through this thing called puberty (yes our dear old friend called growing up) it makes us curious creatures with all the hormones and school stuff going on we also have to face growing up and starting our not-yet-adult-life. Yes the awkward years are kicking in for me so I decided if I was going to get lost in the sea of life I might as well write about it. Another thing is if someone else is lost we can ask for each others notes right? I will be writing about many different topics ranging from my life in the awkward stages to the meaning of life (or what I think is the meaning of life). Well that's it from me for today, see you or not see you but write to you in the never waiting cycle of life.                  


  1. How did I stumble upon this blog???
    It's not my fault that I forgot to check into university entrance in Canada. My brain got lost ... but perhaps this note will be the key to tomorrow's win. Please, send an email to update me on your thoughts about going to university in Canada. Did you find any more info? Are you still interested? Say hi to your mom & grandparents. Mickey

    1. Hi, so cool to see you here, my mama will send you an email with my contacts and what we plan to do. Ja we are still interested, Mama says hi back :)